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I was just sitting there waiting for the rest of the class to finish the "geometry" test. It had only taken me fifteen minutes out of the forty-five minute class. The old, fat teacher sat behind his unstable, falling apart, eye-sore of a desk. The whole school looked that way; faded, molding, white paint peeling off the walls, holes in the walls due to natural causes (which wasn't likely) or rebelling teens. Some rooms, like this one, only suffered from a few fist sized holes and graffiti. This room smelled of mold and, well...death, but to be perfectly honest, only a few places in this ancient town didn't smell that way.

   The lights flickered on and off, yet again, and I heard a girl from across the room gasp. I looked back to see who it was. It was Dawn. She was a nice girl, very quiet and to herself though. She was a really pretty girl, but she looked kind of creepy because her eyes, skin, and hair were really pale. So pale in fact, she almost looked like she was albino. She looked up at me with her big, faded blue eyes, smiled, then went back to reading her massively, huge book.

   I turned back around in my seat, suddenly wishing I had brought something to do. After a few minutes of dying of the need to do something, a paper ball landed on my desk. At the back of the room, my friends,Vivian and Brandon, were chuckling at me for nearly jumping out of my seat. I unwrinkled the piece of paper wad and began reading the note.

   "Hey," It said. "I was watchin a show last night about some haunted town. And I got to thinking about how much our sweet little home town is like that. Don't cha think?" It was from Brandon, of course.

   Now that I got to thinking, it really wouldn't surprise me if our town really was haunted. I wrote my reply on the back of the paper and threw it back at Brandon.

   And I was caught.

   "Emma!" Mr. Willson bellowed. "Would you mind refraining from passing around notes when people are still testing? Brandon, let me have the note."

   Brandon handed him a ball of paper, but it wasn't our little convo. I saw the picture on the paper. It was a stick figure shooting its brains out, with a thought bubble saying "This class blows!" Okay, so I couldn't see the thought bubble, but I knew what it said, only because I drew the picture three days earlier. Mr Willson just glared at me then went back to his desk.

   Vivian, Brandon, and I all laughed.

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